Tips On How To Avoid Breaking Your Lease

You are a few months in your new rental home, and your new job requires that you relocate. There are some ideas to help you not break your lease.

As a renter, you might have just made plans for the next 24 months. However, life sometimes throws things at you which are unexpected making changes in your entire life plan. It might mean having to break your lease as well. It might be a better job in another state.

Or, perhaps your partner might be expecting a baby, and there is a need for more room. Whatever the situation, the idea of breaking your lease can keep you up all night.

It means you will have to forfeit the remaining rent owed on the lease. However, do not lose hope. There are some tips to help you avoid breaking your lease.

Talk about the situation you are in

Have your life situation got altered, or there is a problem with the property? Talk things over. It is not a good idea to assume that you have to deal with it alone. Begin by talking to the property manager.

Though you can use email or a phone call, a face to face discussion can be more beneficial. Always try to be concise and clear when talking about your circumstances. Do not forget to reveal why you are unhappy and need a change.

Before you go knocking at the property manager’s, carefully think over your situation. Then decide whether you are sure of breaking the lease.

Try and work out the problem

There are some problems you can work out with the property manager. Are you having issues with noisy neighbors making your living situation miserable? Your manager can work with you to fix the problem.

Property managers are used to handling a lot of challenges. They will most likely have an operational framework to help resolve your issue.

What you should do is let them know what is causing you discomfort at the premises and they might resolve the issues very quickly minus you breaking your lease.

What options do you have?

After speaking to your property agent and discussing the situation, you might both decide that it is inevitable for you to break your lease.

But, have you considered your available options? Depending on the property agency and the terms of your rental agreement, there might be several options available.

Regarding whether you need a bigger home or need to downsize, you begin looking for rentals managed by the same agency. It might just be an attractive and easy option.

Negotiate your lease

You might have some options, but the best way to avoid breaking your lease  is making sure you negotiate before agreeing to the rental terms. Always try as much as possible to sign a flexible lease which will not have to hit you heavy penalties.

Does your job require you to relocate? Why not negotiate a clause in the contract to cover relocating?

You can never predict changes in life, but, for those which you can, try to include a clause in the agreement which gives you a loophole.


Always negotiate your rental agreement as the best chance to avoid breaking your lease.