4 Things You Should Know Before Signing That Lease Agreement

When looking for homes, not all rentals deliver what was promised in the classifieds. There are always listings of homes for rent. Nice interior, peaceful neighborhood, it says. So, you cannot hesitate to call up the management agency and set up an appointment.

Like what you see? You agree to the terms and sign the lease agreement. You do not take the time to scrutinize the property or surrounding area.

On moving in, you realize your new home is not exactly what you wished for. The couple next door has a dog which barks throughout the night. Some neighbors might regularly throw late-night parties. It is no doubt that you are faced with a total disaster.

You come to realize that you will have to keep up with this until the lease contract is over. Or, unless you are willing to pay the penalty for breach of contract, then you can move to another location.

Do this before signing the contract

There are some practical steps you can take if you are about to rent your first home. You do not have to endure the same experience above. Here are some ideas.

Look out for noise

Noise is a common complaint among tenants. So, find out if the home you are interested in is located near facilities which generate noise. Sound travels in different ways from both interior and exterior sources to reach your apartment.

Unnecessary noise which is tolerable is not bad since it will not deprive you of sleep. When looking for homes for rent, always be very observant. Open windows and examine if the property is near facilities which give off a lot of noise.

You can as well check the walls to see if you can hear regular conversations from your neighbors.

Check the locks

Your safety is a big priority when in the new home. So, do check the doors, windows or any openings. Ensure they can be fastened and secured from the inside.

If you notice some locks which can easily be picked, request the landlord to replace them. Alternatively, if you can do so yourself, ask for permission to replace the sub-standard locks.

Document existing damage

When you come to inspect the property, take time to go through all the parts to look for damages. Does it have loose screens, broken windows, stained floors or missing tiles?

If you come across any, point it to the landlord. Let them get fixed before you can move in. If you do not do this, you might be made to pay for them when vacating the home.

Are you allowed to customize it?

You might rent a home with painted in colors which do not appeal to you. On signing the lease agreement, you might discover that the landlord cannot let you paint it in your colors.

The contract might have a clause against customizing the property. Imagine having to stay in such a home with unpleasant colors. It is always better to consider inquiring if there is an allowance for you to make the home for suitable to your liking.

Well, you have to keep those ideas in mind when signing the lease agreement. Imagine occupying a home for years in a noisy neighborhood.  Be observant, and you will enjoy living in your new home.

Avoid These Properties When Looking For Rentals

When you are shopping around round for rentals, there are some things to put in mind apart from the price. Just because you can afford it does not necessarily mean it makes a good home. There might be some more suitable rentals.

It might be one of the most common mistakes to make when renting a rental home. With knowledge of what is to be avoided, you can be more confident of getting the best property to make a new home. Avoid these properties when looking for rentals and your search will be a success.

Outdated homes

One reason why outdated homes do not make good rental properties is that they are more prone to things going wrong with them. It can turn out to be so expensive. You will have to speed to keep it in good shape.

If you have a choice, always rent a property which is updated. You should always expect the property you are renting to be secure, safe and with working systems and appliances.

Some problems you might run into when you rent an old home include roof leaks, issues with plumbing, electrical problems, cracks, and setting plus the capacity to obtain parts for the appliances. It is a very frustrating experience since you are always suffering from system and appliances breakdown.

These can obviously be very expensive. It means you will have to pay for their repair more than often. The worst part is that the repairs might need to be made when you least expect and during the least convenient periods. It always translates into a higher cost.

High maintenance homes

Renting a home which requires high maintenance is not a brilliant idea. When looking for looking for rental apartments, always look for a home with low maintenance. You do now want to rent a house where you have to spend a substantial amount on maintenance during your tenure.

Hiring someone to handle the yard work is not a bad idea, but it should not come at a high cost. You can negotiate some tasks to be the responsibility of the landlord.

Property price not par with market average

If you find a property listing online, make a comparison of the same properties in the area for the average market price. You need to discover the best reasonable amount to pay for such a property. The other comparable rentals in the area should have more or less the same price range.

There might be a dubious reason why the price for that might be too low or very high for the market average. If it is high, it might be a ploy to cheat unsuspecting renters.

Homes with absentee landlords

When on the search for a rental, make sure to meet with your landlord. Before you pay any deposit for the apartment, you need to get in touch with the property owner. Always visit the home before you fill out any rental application, sign a lease or pay a deposit.

You should do this in the presence of the property owner. Keep from paying the initial deposit through wire transfer.

To make searching for rental property a success, keep away from the kinds of properties above. It will protect you from spending too much on rental charge.

How To Buy A New Cell Phone

Are you thinking about purchasing a mobile phone? Well, you might need to get a new cell phone or upgrade your old one. However, it is not something you just wake up to do.

You need to have a few tips on how to get one which suits your needs. Here are some tips to assist you on how to purchase a new cell phone.


Before the purchase of a new cell phone, there is a need for you to see that it fits your budget. Cell phones come in different price ranges. Therefore, before jumping into your search for a new mobile phone, have a budget in mind.

You need to ensure that the phone you buy does not make you rob a bank.

Operating system

Phones come with different operating system.They run on Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry operating system. So, what kind of system works well for you?

You do not just buy any mobile phone without minding about the operating system it uses. It is because these systems work differently. Android might be working for you, but you might get shocked by the way Blackberry does.


Any good phone has to give the user ease of use. You need to buy a mobile phone running a system with features you are familiar with.

The way these systems work is entirely different. Android users find it user-friendly. You can easily share your images or videos through Bluetooth which is quite hard to do with Apple phones.

Screen size

Nowadays, a lot of people do spend a lot of time on their mobile phones like never before. There are cell phones on the market with various screen sizes.

Some people prefer a bigger screen size while others sticking to smaller ones. So, to buy a mobile phone which suits your needs, there is need for you to first have your desires in mind.

Camera pixels

There is a growing craze to update social media. Therefore the mobile phone is slowly replacing the traditional camera when taking shots on the fly. People desire to capture amazing moments, and a cell phone does just that.

Before you buy a new phone, one with good pixels is a great buy. You do not have to purchase a phone which cannot shoot clear images.

Number of cameras on the phone

If you are a selfie fanatic, then a mobile phone with two cameras is a great buy. It is a magnificent idea to pick a cell phone with a front and back camera.

If the main reason you are buying a new phone is for selfies, then a phone with a front camera stronger than the back camera is a good idea.


What is the internal and expandable memory capacity for the phone? These days mobile phones come with good memory capacity.

They have about 32 GB of internal memory which you can expand with a memory card. A phone with good storage capacity will give you enough room to store all your images, audios and videos.


Some phones are sold with accessories such as a smart watch or headphones. There is a need for you to find out whether the accessories carry an extra charge. You would not love it finding the bill growing with the accessories inclusive.

It is a good idea to know as well whether you can only pick the phone and leave the accessories behind. It can help cut down on the expense for your new mobile phone.

With those tips on how to buy a new mobile phone in tow, finding a good one will be a breeze. You will be on the way to buying the cell phone you have always desired.


Crowdfunding And The Rise Of Indian Crowdfunding Websites

Crowdfunding is a fantastic way of fundraising. It is one of the most innovative ways to raise funds. Over the years, crowdfunding has seen a substantial growth in India.  

The startup culture was shaping up, giving rise to many big brands like Flipkart, Snapdeal.etc.

In a similar fashion, the country also witnessed a rise in crowdfunding websites. Many new platforms were coming up competing against each other, trying to shape up an alternative way of fundraising. This industry has boomed and crowdfunding now is a million dollar industry.

What is crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding is the practice of raising funds for a project with the help from the people. One can raise funds in many different ways, crowdfunding is one such way. In order to execute a crowdfunding campaign, one must decide on many factors.

The first factor to decide is whether the crowdfunding campaign should begin online or offline. Offline crowdfunding has got its own advantages but, it can prove to be a costly affair. That is why online crowdfunding is popular as it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

How does crowdfunding work:

You start off either by making your own page which allows people to visit and donate. Otherwise, you can make use of a crowdfunding website which will suit your need. There are many crowdfunding websites depending on the category of your project.

Milaap comes first on this list with having raised more than 170 crore rupees to its beneficiaries. One can start their campaign easily, by just clicking on the “Start a Fundraiser” button.

crowdfunding for a startup business:

Startup India, standup India is the new mantra of the town. It is an excellent initiative for empowering people to begin their entrepreneurship journey. Some of the world’s largest brands are now realizing the potential of crowdfunding.

If you’re a startup, you might be looking up for funding either from unreachable investors or willing to undergo the complex process of getting a loan from a bank. As a startup, one can incorporate crowdfunding techniques to raise funds for their projects.

The advantage with this is even before your product is launched in the market, your brand gets significant outreach.

Similarly, crowdfunding can also be used as a replacement for business loans. Crowdfunding can be implemented not only by startups but small scale businesses as well.

The rise in technology:

Many people around the world are now using crowdfunding for various needs such as:

  1. -Crowdfunding college debt
  2. -Crowdfunding personal loans
  3. -Crowdfunding business loans
  4. -Raising funds for nonprofits and even crowdfunding for real estate investments.etc

Over the years, India witnessed a rapid growth in the field of technology. People are being driven to use smartphones thanks to the substantial amount of growth in the corporate IT sector. This has allowed more people to get internet access even in the remotest of places. One can contribute to a cause from any corner of the country.

These crowdfunding websites provide easier modes of payment such as debit card and even recently, sites like Milaap also accept payments via Paytm cash. Transactions just take few seconds to complete and it is secure. It is constantly monitored which has further reduced fraudulent activities.

These crowdfunding websites also partner with companies for CSR initiatives. Companies have started looking for crowdfunding for their CSR campaigns as it has a lot of potentials.

Similarly, People can solve problems by setting up campaigns on crowdfunding websites. People can solve problems around them, which are present in their society, such as, fixing any historical monument or preserving heritage, or cleaning up the nearby lake.etc

Overall, one must make use of these crowdfunding sites to raise funds easily and effectively for their project.